Kudos on The Climate Issue (April). It is both inspiring and comforting to learn of the leadership of Princeton alumni at the national and international levels who are finding solutions to the problem of climate change, shaping policy, and informing the public.

And I would ask you to feature an additional sector in a future issue: ways in which individuals can take responsibility in their own lives to reduce their contribution to these problems through the myriad choices that we all make. The only alumnus profiled whose effort fell into this category was Jonathan Safran Foer ’99, who focuses on the environmental effects of generating various foods. To this can be added transportation (available to most of us now and low-cost are public and active transportation), building temperature, energy source, and family size. Every alumnus and alumna can make environmentally friendly choices in most of these sectors and be active in our communities to promote greater awareness of the environment and choices that create healthier conditions for our planet and all of its species.

Linda Carroll ’71
Spokane, Wash.