I was delighted to see the Climate Issue (April) featuring so many impressive Princetonians working on diverse aspects of the climate crisis. Many of my classmates in the Great Class of 1986 are also deeply concerned about climate change and doing their part to solve it.

In that spirit, our class held a virtual Climate Summit featuring a dozen classmates who chose to devote their professional careers to a range of climate and environment solutions. The session attracted a large attendance but even with the breakout sessions it felt like we were barely scratching the surface of the interest.

We ended by agreeing that more such sessions were needed, so we plan to hold a second Climate Summit. This time, we wish to invite all classes to participate. Alumni interested in organizing, joining a panel, or simply attending should email me at pu86officers@gmail.com.

While each of us does what we can to take action in our domains, it is vital to come together and share solutions across a wide range of disciplines. By sharing our efforts across decades of Princeton alumni we have the unique opportunity to build a powerful force for good in a time when it is urgently needed, and together raise hope that we will indeed solve this crisis. Thanks to the PAW for your contribution to this cause.

Kiku Loomis ’86, Environment Chair for the Class of 1986
Brooklyn, N.Y.