I enjoyed reading the article on Richard Halliburton 1921 (feature, March 20). When I was about 12, my parents gave me a copy of The Royal Road to Romance. They wanted to encourage me to read, I think, and it worked. I read the book and reread it again and again. Entering into Halliburton’s world of adventure and daring was exhilarating. Now, so many years later, I hope to find a copy and read it again.

At 12, I couldn’t have cared less if things were embellished by the author, and I expect that when I have the chance to read the book again, I’ll feel exactly the same way. Who cares if things are a bit souped up in the accounts of his remarkable exploits all over the world? A good story is a good story.

Allan Warren ’69
Marblehead, Mass.