I was amused by PAW’s “highly embellished, some claimed” words in the Halliburton profile. As an undergrad, one of my jobs was in Firestone’s Rare Books Department working with Alfred Bush, curator of the Western Americana Collection. I was assigned to “organize” a number of boxes of unsorted Halliburton-related material. (Years before I had seen his Book of Marvels.) Eventually I came across three (?) 8-by-10 black-and-white photo prints. One was of a barren snow-covered mountain plain (perhaps with an oval hand-drawn in the center?), and then another with the same setting, but now with the image of Halliburton photo-inserted in the center of what would have been the oval of the other photo. I brought this to the attention of Mr. Bush, who recognized it as I had. I have no memories of anything else like this, but it has stayed with me.

Jim Floyd ’69
Princeton, N.J.