Inspired by Richard Halliburton, I spent college summers traveling about Europe alone, by train and hitchhiking. As a member of the second generation of humans who could fly, I learned, then piloted 52 different types of aircraft during my life to date. I climbed the Matterhorn; climbed Fire Mountain in Iceland, made entirely of volcanic ash; slept (unnoticed) in Hearst’s bed at San Simeon and swam in both the indoor and outdoor pools there; and circled the world three times leisurely, visiting a number of places visited by Richard.

Like fellow graduates, I have been most fortunate; I had the opportunity to try out more than 240 different sports. None of this interfered with my medical career, which I am still actively pursuing. I know several alumni who have also experienced adventure. This is one reason we are here — to get the most out of life. 

George C. Denniston, M.D. ’55
Nordland, Wash.