Greetings to you — I just wanted to augment and correct a few items in this article for posterity.  My grandfather was James Penfield Seiberling 1921, noted here as one of Richard Halliburton’s best friends and one of his Princeton roommates.

The correct spelling is “Seiberling.” Also, he never went by his first name; he was either called by his nickname, “Shorty,” at Princeton or more formally as “Penfield” or the shortened diminutive, “Penny.” He even signed his name “J. Penfield Seiberling.”

Irvine O. Hockaday was known by his friends and roommates as “Mike” Hockaday. John Henry Leh was known by his friends and roommates as “Heinie” Leh. Like my grandfather, Edward Lawrence Keyes, M.D., never went by his first name; he was called and was known as “Lawrence” or “Larry” Keyes.

Last but not least, when his close friends expressed their worry or trepidation about his adventures, Richard Halliburton had told them, including my grandfather, that if they heard these words from him by telegram or letter — “Having wonderful time. Wish you were here.” — they were to understand that he was in grave danger or near death. Hence, following the news of the Sea Dragon’s loss of communication, my grandfather knew with more certainty than he otherwise might have had that Halliburton had died at sea when that last wire was published.

Thank you for publishing the occasional article and remembrance of one of Princeton’s more adventurous, successful, and now too-little-known alumni. Best wishes to you.

Harriet D. Chapman k’1921
Akron, Ohio