In 1966 Harvard came to Palmer Stadium undefeated and a 3-touchdown favorite: Nobody believed Princeton could beat them. That is not really true. The coaches and players thought they could.

It was a game of classic and storybook proportions (think Chip Hilton novels by Clair Bee). Hard-hitting, grind it out: a game traditionalists love. Five times teams went for broke on fourth down. Harvard threatening to blow the game open, only to have Larry Stupski throw the Harvard QB for consecutive losses and have Jim Kokoskie intercept the next pass. It led to a 93-yard drive by the Tigers, starting with second-string QB Tad Howard saying in the huddle on their own 7-yard line, “We are going 93 yards for a touchdown and if you don’t believe that, go to the bench now!” Hard running by Dave Martin and Rich Bracken provided that TD. The players then on the sideline convincing Coach Colman after the touchdown to go for 2 on the extra-point try, James to Bowers in the back of the end zone. Princeton Captain Walt Kozumbo and Doug James stopping Harvard on 4th and 2 at the Princeton 18-yard line to seal the win. Uncommon resolve and incredible good fortune: Coach Colman called it his most thrilling game since Princeton upset a touted Pennsylvania team in 1946.

Ron Grossman ’67
Toano, Va.