Hearty congratulations on the wonderful article by Christopher Connell '71. It’s a real gem, thoroughly researched and beautifully written ... a really engaging and fun read for all.

I’m sure it stirred vivid memories of gridiron glories for generations of Princetonians, as it did for me. I had flashbacks to our football classmates who were Ivy League co-champions with Dartmouth in the 1963 season.

And, during that championship season, my classmate, tailback Hugh MacMillan ’92, set a record with a 92-yard punt return against Colgate on Oct. 19, 1963. The fact that the record still stands today is a real testament to his achievement!

Thank you to Mr. Connell for reviving these powerful memories of football in the old Palmer Stadium.

Gerry Skoning ’63
Beverly Shores, Ind.