I agree with John Drozdal ’72 about the 2012 Harvard game. Behind 34-10, it was obvious that our best chance, considering the time left (about 12 minutes) was to score three TDs plus three 2-point conversions just to tie the game. Also the Tigers had to stop Harvard three times, which seemed impossible with the Crimson racking up 500-plus yards in the game.

Amazingly, the Tigers scored 4 TDs (with three 2-point conversions) to pull the game out with 13 seconds left. Forgotten among these dramatic scores are the two Harvard kicks that failed. One was a missed extra point and the other was a blocked field goal. These gave the Tigers room to get a tie or the go-ahead score, as they did. The drama was more intense than I had seen in any Princeton football game.

Bob Givey ’58
Bethlehem, Pa.