Two chemists and their wives came to Princeton for grad school in chemistry after graduating from the University of Minnesota.  Of course we had football season tickets, but were a little disappointed with the '62 team which finished 5-4.  Coming from a season where the Golden Gophers were Big 10 and national champs and went to the Rose Bowl, Tiger and Ivy League football were a letdown. The players were “normal” in size and seemed to get tackled too easily. 

However, the substitution rules were relaxed in '63, and two-platoon football reigned.  Coach Colman declared the best athletes would be on defense and the offense would have to take care of itself.  Two guards like Stas and his partner became excellent linebackers, and a trio of tailbacks made the offense purr. I never played football (only touch in the park), but my high school played single-wing and I appreciated watching those Tiger teams in the '60s.

I love running football, and the Tiger teams were like a well-oiled machine with those battering end sweeps.  No particular games stand out, but the experience was great.  We really missed it when I got my Ph.D., and we moved away and never managed to duplicate the experiences.

Robert E. (Bob) Buntrock *67
Orono, Maine