The great university that Princeton is today was initiated by Woodrow Wilson. Our administration and Trustees owe him that respect. He was also an esteemed president of the United States pushing for what would now be the United Nations. Woodrow Wilson’s name has enhanced the reputation of Princeton. 

As a saying in the Bible about punishing a sinner says, “Let he without sin throw the first stone.” Wilson may have had a sin but who among our leaders are without similar sins?             

Do we really now think that Harvard’s Kennedy School will strike the Kennedy name because of his serial sexual exploits? Or that Stanford will change its name because of his intercontinental railroads’ abuse of Chinese immigrant workers? I doubt it.

Instead of thoughtful, intelligent analysis becoming of a great university our leaders have instantly swung in the wind of the most recent social trend.

I am simultaneously outraged and saddened. This decision will distinctly harm the University.

I am embarrassed for our administration and trustees. 

Larry Leighton ’56
New York, N.Y.