As a former graduate student of the Woodrow Wilson School, I am concerned with the action to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name. I remember Wilson as a president, Nobel Prize winner, and one who promoted free trade, democracy, and human rights. As noted, Wilson remade Princeton into a great research institution. It appears to me the Board of Trustees has succumbed to the current left-wing cultural revolution against traditional American values. This includes the destruction or proposed destruction of statues of our founding fathers, many of whom were slave owners (a common practice at that time that eventually led to the Civil War). As noted by Baher Iskander in his Wall Street Journal article of July 7, 2020:

“While I recognize the importance of challenging simple narratives of heroism, equally simplistic stories of villainy are no better.  Erasing Wilson’s name and taking down his large photograph from Princeton’s dining hall evinces an unjustified sense of self-righteous certitude.”  

The removal of Wilson’s name does not enhance the reputation of Princeton but rather shows that it is an active participant with those who focus only on eliminating the great historical figures of America.

Richard L. Hames *67
Richland, Wash.