After reading this account, I learned how Princeton completely failed its first class of women. It’s time for the University to make an official apology, confer honorary degrees on the women who did not make it through, and revoke the degree, even posthumously, of the male student who drugged and raped no less than six students. The male behavior towards women, such as banging spoons on the table when one student bent over in her too-short, school issued work uniform, was horrifying. The story about a woman tricked into showing up at the men-only boathouse reminded me of the dozens of times during my tenure men thought they were being “funny” on campus by objectifying or humiliating their female peers. This is very harmful to young women who are establishing their sense of selfhood and identity. Until Princeton officially condemns its past hostilities towards women on campus, it will keep repeating. Even as recently as 2016, men at Tiger Inn found it “funny” to share a humiliating picture of a minority woman amongst themselves. What a stain on Princeton’s history to hear how these incredible women were treated by their male cohorts. Until these issues are really addressed, Princeton will suffer, as will society.

Liz Hallock ’02
Yakima, Wash.