The Class of 1979 wishes to recognize classmates and Princeton trustees Louise (Weezie) Sams and Anthony Lee for their thoughtful, energetic, and courageous support of the University. We applaud your support of its students, faculty and alumni, its legacy of service, and its future, through these times of great change.

The Board of Trustees has faced unanticipated challenges, and together with President Eisgruber ’83, have confronted them with resolve. They include political divides and unrest in the United States and around the world, a global pandemic that has shone a spotlight on inequality of all stripes, and a looming environmental catastrophe. Accompanying these challenges have been devastating economic consequences for individuals, families and all of the institutions on which they rely. We are grateful to their leadership and devotion to the University through these difficult times.

We thank Weezie and Anthony — they give meaning to what it means to be “in the nation’s service.” We want to especially note their leadership on the Board of Trustees in acknowledging the role of racism in our collective legacy and our present, so that we can heal and proceed to a better future. We offer our support as they help guide the University in fulfilling its obligations to its students and the society they will someday lead.

We, the members of the Class of 1979, are proud to call Weezie and Anthony classmates. This letter stands as public recognition and gratitude for all their work.

Phil Hueber ’79
Class of 1979 president, on behalf of the class officers