I notice lately that in the Inbox there is a continual bashing of conservative alumni who can easily be made targets and at same time ignoring the many conservative Republicans that have contributed so much to the University as well as to society. The name I bring up the late Dr. Julian Buxton ’50, who was All-Ivy League in wrestling and football and a graduate of John Hopkins surgery. He established a practice at Roper Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. He was the first doctor, at his insistence, to perform an operation on a black man at Roper Hospital. Has it come to the time now that we ignore an alumnus of such notable accomplishments because he was a Republican? A man who raised huge sums of money for the University as well as encouraging many young people to attend, including some of his own offspring. It was his belief at the time that Princeton was the only University to attend. It is time now for those who knew him and loved him to stand up and be counted among the courageous. 

Karl A. Gruber ’50
Berthoud, Colo.