Having figured out the cure for cancer 15 years ago, I thought my fellow alumni might like to know what it is. Very simply, the tumor of cancer is an effect, not the cause of the disease. The cause of cancer is a failure in the “protective complex” (primarily immunity) which keeps us from forming tumors. More on this can be read in one of the editions of The Key To Cancer or its coming translations.

Someone beside myself may have figured this out also. No matter. Immunotherapy has developed from this concept to the point that it is now the preferred treatment option. See Jimmy Carter’s case. And my thesis has been accepted at the highest levels of clinical oncology. Trouble is, treatment pays more than prevention, maybe making some oncologists reluctant to go this route.

Bottom line: When dealing with something bad, fix the cause as well as the result.

Richard Stockton Weeder ’58
Bradenton, Fla.