Princeton alumni have created a new nonprofit organization to support free speech and academic freedom at Princeton. Princetonians for Free Speech (PFS) is nonpartisan and focused exclusively on these core freedoms. It was founded by two members of the Class of 1970 but is supported by an increasing number of alumni from many classes, and its board also includes representatives from a number of classes.

The core of PFS is its website, We invite all members of the Princeton community to take a look. On a regular basis, we post articles relating to free speech and academic freedom that are Princeton-focused in one column, and in the other we post articles about other universities and beyond.

In addition, subscribers receive regular email updates from PFS. While we have only recently launched, already hundreds of Princeton alumni, faculty, and students have signed up for the free subscriptions.

In the future, PFS plans to host discussions and speakers on the internet and on campus. We believe that it is vital to our democracy and to the future of Princeton that free speech and academic freedom be strongly defended, and that alumni of Princeton are critical to that defense.

Stuart Taylor Jr. ’70
Washington, D.C.
Edward L. Yingling ’70
Alexandria, Va.