Celebration was in order for these graduating seniors as they passed in review before University president Harold Dodds *14 on the baseball field at the conclusion of the 1947 P-rade. Wes Todd ’47 submitted this photo, which he brought to his 60th reunion two years ago to obtain help in identifying the students, many of whom were in Tiger Inn. Todd is sitting on the Jeep’s fender. Others he was able to identify are: Hugh Hanson, sitting on the windshield; Moose Joline, driving the Jeep; Lou Charnley, standing in front while introducing the group to President Dodds; Don Elberfeld, directly above Charnley; Bob Paisley, directly above Elberfeld; Newt Angier, wearing glasses and next to Paisley; and Bob Holmes ’48, tipping his hat at far right. Can anyone provide us with the missing names?