Six sophomore friends wore zany outfits to test the limits of the dress code at Commons back in the fall of 1959. Fast forward to Reunions 2012 (photo above) and the friends were reunited for another picture — wearing their somewhat-less-zany 25th-reunion jackets. From left in 1959 are: Jim Benjamin, Lee Mapletoft, Brian Galbraith, Hank Balfour, Charlie “Chuck” Stephenson, and Neal Carlson, all Class of 1962. In the June photo are, from left: Stephenson, Benjamin, Galbraith, Carlson, Balfour, and Mapletoft. According to Stephenson, who supplied the photos, none of the men recalls being turned away at the door of Commons that night in 1959, but he thinks they may have been advised not to try their stunt again.