The Lewis Arts complex anchors a 22-acre development that also includes two restaurants, a Wawa convenience store, and the new Princeton train station, which has been moved 460 feet south.

Northwest view of the arts complex from the Dinky train station: music building, right; Wallace Dance Building and Theater, back left; and six-story tower with office and exhibition space.
Jaclyn Sweet/Lewis Center for the Arts


University Office of Design and Construction (9-15-17 photo)
A. New Music Building

B. Wallace Dance Building and Theater

C. Lewis Center Tower

D. McCarter Theatre Center

E. Forbes College

F. Dinky Bar & Kitchen

G. Cargot Brasserie

H. New South administrative building

I. Whitman College

J. Hobey Baker Rink

K West parking garage

L Dinky train station

M. Wawa convenience store

For the record

An earlier version of this map misidentified Hobey Baker Rink.