Denise Applewhite

IN MEMORIAM   Psychology and neuroscience professor BART HOEBEL, an expert in the science of addiction, died of cancer June 11. He was 76.

Hoebel joined the faculty in 1963 and spent most of his career studying the neurological mechanisms that reward certain behaviors. In early publications, he explored overeating, obesity, and anorexia. More recently, Hoebel examined sugar addiction and the effects of high-fructose corn syrup on weight gain.

The yield of students accepting Princeton’s OFFER OF ADMISSION increased slightly from last year to 57.2 percent for the Class of 2015, Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye said. As of mid-June, the University had admitted five students from the waitlist — compared to 159 a year ago — and all five had accepted. The number of legacies planning to enroll dropped slightly, from 174 a year ago to 166. Men make up 50.7 percent of the class and women 49.3 percent. The number of B.S.E. candidates (302) and women in that group (121) are both records, according to the engineering school.