Travel requirement for a class? Sounds like a great way to spend spring break. View photos from a few of this year’s trips.

Students from ANT206 “Human Evolution,” taught by visiting professor Janet Monge, embarked on a trip to Mpala Research Centre in Kenya.
Photo courtesy of Crystal Wang ’18

HIS 456 “New Orleans 300: Invention & Reinvention in an American City,” taught by associate professor Joshua Guild, explores the city’s changing historical landscape over the last three centuries. One stop was Studio Be, a contemporary art gallery.
Photo courtesy of Ashley Reed ’18

VIS 325 “The Port of New Orleans: Culture and Climate Change,” taught by professor Jeff Whetstone, examines the city’s innovation through the intersection of artistic and scientific communities.
Photo courtesy of Eric Li ’18

LAT 331 “Horace,” taught by Professor Denis Feeney, does close readings of Horace’s text and far travels to Italy! Here the students gather in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.
Photo courtesy of Oscar Mahoney ’18