Office of Communications: Mark Czajkowski

Special ceremonies were held in May to recognize African American, Latino, and LGBT graduates.

Office of Communications: Mark Czajkowski

Emily McDonald ’15 and her aunt, Christiane Berry ’81, savor a moment together following the Pan-African graduation ceremony May 31 in Richardson Auditorium. “Utilize your privilege to open doors for those that are less privileged, in ways that uplift your communities and in ways that enrich black lives,” said Joanna Anyanwu ’15, a recipient of the Spirit of Princeton Award. Marc Lamont Hill, a Morehouse College professor and television host, was the keynote speaker. About 200 people attended the event.

Sameer A. Khan

Yessica Martinez ’15, one of the two winners of the Pyne Prize this year, reads from her poetry at the ceremony for Latino and Latina graduates May 31 in Frick Chemistry Lab. About 150 people attended the bilingual event celebrating the achievements of the graduates and showcasing Latino culture. Julio Enrique Rivera ’76, a former dancer who now is a life coach, gave the keynote address.

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