PBS correspondent Spencer Michels ’59 recalls Fidel Castro’s 1959 visit to Princeton, and the revolutionary’s unfulfilled promises of free elections and free speech. — PBS NewsHour

Boris Fishman ’01, Jonathan Safran Foer ’99, Heather Ann Thompson *95, Robert F. Worth *97, and Lauren Collins ’02 are among the writers whose works were selected for the “100 Notable Books of 2016.” — The New York Times

Harvard professor Joseph Nye ’58 discussed the unpredictable foreign-policy positions of President-elect Donald Trump in a recent TV appearance. — Bloomberg

The Undoing Project, Michael Lewis ’82’s new book about the research partnership of emeritus professor Daniel Kahneman and fellow psychologist Amos Tversky, “combines intellectual rigor with complex portraiture,” according to reviewer Jennifer Senior ’91. — The New York Times

Caltech professor Frances Arnold ’79’s latest research, published in Science, details how her team bred organisms that can create new silicon-carbon bonds. — The Los Angeles Times

A new study led by David Agus ’87 of the University of Southern California finds that a simple daily aspirin regimen has several long-term health benefits, and economic benefits as well. — CBS News

NYU professor Jorge G. Castañeda ’73, Mexico’s foreign minister from 2000 to 2003, writes that Mexico “may achieve more through obstruction” than by appeasement. — The New York Times

Historian, attorney, and Charlottesville, Va., mayor Mike Signer ’95 argues for returning the electoral college to something more in line with the founders’ intentions. — Vox.com