Fake news is nothing new: It “sold like hot cakes” in the 1800s, according to media historian Andie Tucher ’76.Los Angeles Times

Joshua Knobe *06, a philosophy professor at Yale, explains where our conception of “normal” comes from — and how president-elect Donald Trump’s behavior may shift that conception. — Quartz

Los Angeles-based lawyer E. Randol Schoenberg ’88 has asked a federal judge to unseal the government search warrant that led the FBI to investigate the emails of Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton, in October. — The New York Times

Alex Gansa ’84, showrunner for the Showtime hit Homeland, says that the show aims to draw on realistic, current threats to U.S. security, which aren’t necessarily the most dramatic plotlines. — Entertainment Weekly

Jon Spaihts ’91, a screenwriter for the recent film releases Doctor Strange and Passengers, says that he’d like to begin directing movies as well. — Nerd Reactor

Women’s soccer star Diana Matheson ’08 has been one of the leaders in an effort to help Canada’s national-team players negotiate compensation and medical coverage. — Sportsnet.ca

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