Four Ph.D. students were named winners of the Jacobus Fellowship, Princeton’s highest honor for graduate students. The award, which supports the final year of study, is traditionally presented at the Alumni Day luncheon, which was canceled this year.

Photo: Tony Gambino Photography
Alexandra Middleton (anthropology) studies neuroprosthetic technologies, which integrate prosthetic limbs with patients’ muscles, bones, and nerves.

Photo: Jack Wilson
Pranav Mundada (electrical and computer engineering) is exploring quantum devices, with applications that range from aircraft design to drug manufacturing. 

Photo: Aurelia Augusta
Ian Ochs (plasma physics) studies fusion energy, researching ways to reduce plasma instability with the goal of maintaining a fusion reaction in the lab.

Photo: Marly Gallardo
Margarita Rosa (comparative literature) is writing her dissertation on legal doctrines that Portuguese colonizers used to enslave women and their children in Brazil.