Photographer Lizzie Martin ’14 asked seniors: Who at Princeton, other than your classmates, influenced you the most, and why?

All photos by Lizzie Martin ’14

Alan Southworth: “Dean [Victoria] Jueds: She’s an honorary Nassoon ... She talked to me about fulfillment in life, and she taught me how adults are just like grown-up kids.”

Erisa Apantaku: “[Outdoor Action director] Rick Curtis [’72]: Directly and indirectly, he has influenced my trajectory at Princeton, because through OA leader training I met so many of my good friends, and I learned so much about different types of leadership and how to be a leader.”

Kathleen Ryan:  “Sheryl Robas, faculty assistant in the Department of Geosciences, transformed my department from a building into a home.”

Anthony Paranzino:  “Two professors: Alan Blinder [’67] and Harvey Rosen inspired me to consider economics as a career.”

Payam Paysepar: “My OA leader John Torrey [’11]. When I first came to Princeton, we talked a lot about our shared experiences, and he helped me see that even though Princeton is full of really high-achieving people, I still have a lot in common with everyone.”

Sascha Brown: “The entire PFA [Princeton Faith in Action] community, because every single person — ministry fellows and students — has challenged me to live out my faith in every aspect of my life at Princeton.”

Allegra Wiprud:  “Through meeting Dean Matt Weiner, who introduced me to interfaith work and Buddhist activism in Southeast Asia, I discovered my vocation as a bridge-builder between faith communities and the secular world, and between everyday people and institutions.”

Kandasi Griffiths: “Pat Byrne, Mathey College’s administrator:  Pat’s support for the students extends far beyond her position, and care for the individual rather than just the just continued past my time in Mathey. As a constant source of guidance and encouragement, she has been there every step of the way becoming one of my greatest mentors and friends.”

Sean Chen: “Ambassador [and Woodrow Wilson School professor Barbara] Bodine inspired me and showed me that you can make a career in public service. She loves her students. Also, [architecture professor] Guy Nordenson. … He’s very passionate not only about the built environment, but also about how it affects people.”