Four graduate students received Jacobus Fellowships, which support the final year of graduate study:

Daniel Bouk, history of science   Bouk is researching the role of science in building the American life-insurance industry and in influencing the understanding of factors ranging from human mortality to racial discrimination.

Hannah Crawforth, English   Crawforth is studying the ways in which Eliza-bethan and Jacobean understandings of England’s Anglo-Saxon linguistic heritage influenced the work of writers such as Edmund Spenser, Ben Jonson, and John Milton.  

Peter DiMaggio, chemical engineering Exploring the new field of proteomics — the large-scale study of proteins in a living system — DiMaggio seeks to formulate and implement efficient algorithms for peptide and protein identification. His work in optimal data clustering led to development of an algorithm that could help target molecules most likely to be effective in the synthesis of drug-related compounds.  

Jianfeng Lu, applied and computational mathematics   Lu’s dissertation sheds new light on a complex but powerful tool for analyzing the electronic structure of systems in fields including chemistry, material science, and biology.