In Find Your Path (MIT Press), Daniel Goodman ’82 presents the stories of 36 scientists and engineers who have found success in a wide array of jobs in business, academia, and public service. These candid essays detail the struggles, pressures, successes, and failures that led the scientists to their current positions.

John M. Heffron ’74 argues that Southern cultural traditions at the turn of the 20th century enabled rather than stymied cultural progressives, especially in education. The Rise of the South in American Thought and Education (Peter Lang Inc.) follows the path of Southern values and emphasis on vocational education as it moved northward to respond to economic and social change in the North.

Part history, part profile, and complete love letter, Thinking Inside the Box: Adventures with Crosswords and the Puzzling People Who Can’t Live Without Them (Penguin) tells the stories of crosswords and the cruciverbalists behind them. Author Adrienne Raphel ’10 shares reflections on how crosswords bring joy to people and how the puzzles have evolved as an art form.