SHE SAID YES! Will Kain ’11 proposed to Jacquelyn Nestor ’12, former conductor of the Princeton University Band. In celebration, the band played Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” — one of Nestor’s favorites — and followed up with “Going Back to Nassau Hall.” 

Ricardo Barros

LONE STAR CAR: Jim Cohen ’86 and Ed Zschau ’86 drove an orange jeep more than 1,500 miles from Houston to Princeton, stopping to visit classmates along the way. The final leg: a trip down the P-rade route, with three generations of Princetonians.

Beverly Schaefer

NOT SO FAST! By tradition the P-rade ends when the graduating class joins the procession, runs onto Poe-Pardee Field, and stops at the reviewing stand to be greeted by the president of the Alumni Association before everyone sings “Old Nassau.” But, as an observer recounted, this year the seniors “rushed past the reviewing stand” without stopping. Not to worry — Alumni Association president Jeff Wieser ’74 welcomed the Class of ’16 into the alumni ranks at Class Day.