Frat parties, dirty laundry, and long-distance relationships. Can’t get enough of college life? A new sitcom airing on the Princeton Student Television Network promises to fill that void.

Sophomores Jeremy Kent, Kut Akdogan, and Michael Bachand, a math major and two engineers, escape from equations and delve into the world of film as they work as the writers, producers, directors, and editors of their television show, Campus.

The sitcom, filmed entirely on the Princeton campus, follows the life of Noah, played by Sam Borchard ’10, as he deals with his roommate’s frat-boy friend Paul, Tyler Crosby ’09, and their female love interests. In the first episode, titled “Extravaganza,” Noah returns from fall break to the remnants of a raucous party held in his room — Paul is asleep in Noah’s bed, his roommate Bill is in the hospital, and cups and various partygoers lie strewn on the common-room floor.

As scriptwriters, Kent, Akdogan, and Bachand say they have edited out their personal experiences so that the comedy will have a broader college appeal.

Balancing the sitcom’s production and their own academic work has been a struggle, the three agreed.

“For our final stretch of editing, I worked for 100 hours straight with, like, four hours of sleep,” Kent said. “Class was out of the question for those four days,” Akdogan added.

The series creators gave much credit to the actors, who brought levity to the scenes with improvisation and creativity. “Some of the best things happened on the spot,” said Bachand.

The three friends, each of whom has been interested in film since high school, envision Campus continuing in the future. Episode two is being filmed, and a third has been outlined.

The premiere of the first episode was Nov. 30 at the Frist Film and Performance Theatre. Campus can be seen on the PSTN in the Princeton area, or online at