MEN’S HEAVYWEIGHT CREW failed to qualify for the grand final at the IRA National Championships May 31–June 2 but won its consolation race to finish seventh overall. WOMEN’S LIGHTWEIGHT CREW placed fifth, while MEN’S LIGHTWEIGHT CREW took sixth at the national championship regatta.

Matija Pecotic ’13, the Ivy League MEN’S TENNIS Player of the Year, lost a competitive match against Nassim Slilam of Florida in the first round of the NCAA Championships May 23. Billy Pate, formerly the head coach at Alabama, was named Princeton’s new head coach May 31.

Hilary Bartlett ’12 and Lindsay Graff ’15 lost in straight sets to the No. 2-seed in the WOMEN’S TENNIS NCAA doubles championship. Laura Granville, who won two NCAA singles titles at Stanford and had a nine-year professional career, was named the team’s new head coach June 6.

Thirteen seniors were honored at the Princeton Varsity Club’s 2012 SENIOR AWARDS banquet May 31. Donn Cabral (men’s track and cross country), Jon Christensen (men’s swimming), Tyler Fiorito (men’s lacrosse), Alexander Mills (men’s fencing), and Chad Wiedmaier (men’s lacrosse) received the Roper Trophy, presented annually to Princeton’s top male athletes. Alex Banfich (women’s cross country and track), Lauren Edwards (women’s basketball), and Eileen Moran (women’s track) received the Von Kienbusch Award, given to the top female athletes.

Operations research and financial engineering major Ravi Yegya-Raman (men’s tennis) was given the Class of 1916 Cup as the varsity athlete with the highest academic standing. Edwards, Wiedmaier, Bartlett (women’s tennis), Allison Behringer (field hockey), Hannah Cody (women’s swimming), and Manny Sardinha (men’s soccer) received the Art Lane Award for selfless contribution to sport and society.