Courtesy of Tiana Woolridge ’15

A pediatric doctor in San Francisco, Tiana Woolridge ’15 published a children’s book last summer inspired by the loving relationship between her late father and aunt. All the Wave tells the story of a girl who loves the water but gets knocked over by a wave on a birthday trip to the beach. Her brother rescues her and reminds her to be careful, and that he will always be there for her — no matter what. PAW asked Woolridge to suggest three more books for children, and she chose these.

What If We Were All The Same?

By C.M. Harris

Reading age: 3-7 years

I first encountered this book in my mother‘s work space. She is the director of diversity, inclusion, and community life at a K-12 school, and she has a treasure trove of books on how to help kids understand and celebrate differences. I immediately fell in love with this book, as I feel it provides such simple and beautiful analogies for how we all can embrace differences. 

Loving Kindness (Bondad Amorosa)

By Whitney Stewart

Reading age: 2-4 years

I have been overjoyed to see an increase in the number of books that aim to teach young children and their families how to improve well-being. I actually give this book out to our patients in my pediatric clinic; not only does it teach useful skills for mental wellness, it also helps promote the acquisition of a second language!

The Giving Tree

By Shel Silverstein

Reading age: 2-8 years

I couldn’t not include this book, an absolute classic in children’s literature. This book was my first lesson in generosity and selflessness. It also helped provide me with a better understanding of the sacrifices that my mother and my family made for me, and the importance of giving back and spending meaningful time with those who have helped us along our path.