Sean Frazier '12 (Photo: Courtesy Sean Frazier)
Sean Frazier ’12 checks his email once a week at his new job. 
“I don’t need it,” he said. At Quail Hill farm in Amagansett, N.Y., Frazier spends most of his time outdoors: feeding chickens, seeding, weeding, harvesting, and selling vegetables. A large supply of the produce goes to over 250 families that come to the farm – a community-supported agriculture farm – to harvest vegetables from June to November.
“Twice a week the field is covered with people of all ages who come to pick food for themselves,” Frazier explained. “It’s educational.” The rest of the vegetables go to farmers’ markets and restaurants, he said. Though life on the farm becomes considerably quieter in the winter, Frazier still will be busy during the colder months. Quail Hill farm has a winter share supplying root vegetables, alliums, eggs, and greens to participants, and the farmers continue to grow greens in greenhouses.
Frazier first experienced farming while taking a year off from Princeton before his senior year. He worked on Long Island, on “a tiny farm with no machines,” and found the work to be fun and interesting. Before his senior year began, Frazier already knew he wanted to work on a farm again.
“I didn’t really want to leave the farm, but I wanted to go back to school,” he said.
Frazier officially finishes work at Quail Hill farm in December, though he said he hopes to complete a full season on a farm next year. “I don't see myself ever leaving the farming lifestyle completely,” he said, adding that he hopes to one day live on his own farm. “It is simple, practical work, and I enjoy it every day.”

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