The article in PAW brings back great memories. I was a first-year law school student at Stanford that year and followed Princeton basketball closely. The Providence game stunned me with the final 109–69 score. My classmate, Dave Bryant, and I immediately called a friend on campus to see if he could get us tickets to the game in Portland. He succeeded, but only after swearing in writing that the tickets were for his immediate family. Another classmate, Jim Randlett, joined us for the trip north. We had great seats right at mid-court for both games. The highlight, of course, was Bradley’s 58 points. He received a thunderous ovation when he left the court and was named Most Outstanding Player, narrowly beating out Gail Goodrich of champion UCLA, who scored “only” 42. It was a great experience, and the only regret is that Princeton didn’t play up to its potential against Michigan.

Steve Beckwith ’64
New York, N.Y.