Thank you for requesting input. I graduated in 1984 and have increasingly found that the PAW has almost zero content that appeals to me, a Canadian who is a conservative.

Page after page is an exercise in hopelessly boring virtue signaling of leftist ideals and stories. Why? Are you assuming that all alumni of Princeton are secular progressives? I can assure you we are not.  

You have to assume that at least 50 percent of Princetonians are conservatives because that is the divide in North America generally.   

For example, I would like to see a balanced piece about Ted Cruz ’92, one of our most well-known graduates at this time, rather than a hit job.  

I note that you say the board is comprised of publishers and journalists — perhaps that is the root of the problem. You’re all on one side of the fence drinking the same Kool-Aid. Get some conservative thinkers onto your board! 

Dallas Brodie ’84
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada