I was what we call a Prison Governor (warden) in the English prison system, and privileged to spend some time at Princeton and in the New Jersey prisons.

It is always a challenge for people working in prisons to find resources for ventures which are not directly about custody and security. It was a delight to learn of a program in Princeton which is focussed specifically on the futures of those in custody, and which has become so well established over time in your prisons.

Our experience over here is that prisoners respond brilliantly to people coming in from the outside world and offering something of themselves. I have a particularly fond memory of some filmmakers who worked with some of our men in HMP Dartmoor when I was Governor. Several of those involved are still working in the film industry.

It was a great pleasure to read of the program, and I can assure those involved that their work will be hugely appreciated by the beneficiaries.

John May
Great Britain