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The Nov. 13 issue includes a picture of the end-of-the-war celebration on campus in 1945 (From the Archives) and asks if anyone remembers the event. I remember it well because, as a 17-year-old freshman, I was exposed to more alcohol than I had ever seen. The next morning there was a no-parking stanchion in the foyer of our suite, which I couldn’t even lift. Nevertheless, when the proctors came, my roommates convinced them that I had brought it home by myself the night before. I was summoned to visit Dean Livingston, who first warned me that I could be expelled for what I had done. He then gave me some fatherly advice about finding my alcohol limit and learning how to hold my liquor. He also said I had to inform my parents about the incident. It may have been the most important lesson I learned at Princeton, because I did graduate and have gone on to a successful career as a physician.

Ward O. Griffen ’49