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In Response to: From the Archives

Re the Oct. 3 From the Archives photo: That is electrical engineering and computer science professor Bruce Arden in the middle. Seated is Iain Bason ’87, and standing there looking slightly bemused is me. I showed up that day at the EQuad with a shirt I just got from Penn State (I was on the Ultimate Frisbee team, and we had just played in a tournament there). The photographer said I couldn’t be in the picture wearing something from another school, so I turned it inside out, crossed my arms, and hoped for the best. This would have been around 1985.

Editor’s note: Also writing to identify those shown in the photo were Bill Rosenblatt ’83, Jim Fehrle ’79, and Professors Michael Littman and Robert Stengel.

Jonathan Blake ’86
Cheshire, Conn.