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Joan and I were at this orgy, along with about half the children of Mercer County. Your photograph does insufficient justice to the town-gown nature of the event. I forget, or was unaware of at the time, any charge being made for actually chowing down. A ditch-full of banana split, while spectacular to the eye and challenging to the mind, rather alarms the palate. My impression was that the organizers had a major problem in getting rid of the stuff. By the time we left, the field looked something like what might spring to your mind when you try to imagine Culloden or Austerlitz.

But what a great event: even better than the first Earth Day, celebrated in more or less the same spot.

Banana Split T-shirtEditor’s note: Several more alumni who attended the event wrote to PAW, including Victoria Wu Rosini ’90 and ’89 classmates Craig Sherman, David Chaumette, and Jane Lyttle Richter. Carlos Romero ’90 and David Chang ’89 posted images of the commemorative T-shirt, shown above. Adam Barr ’88 offered some advice for future record-seekers: “Generous amounts of whipped cream and chocolate syrup, easily dispensed, will cover a multitude of sins.”

T-shirt photo courtesy David Chang ’89

John Fleming *63
Professor emeritus of English