I’m hardly qualified to speak on the topic, but it is worth noting that it is sad to see PAW (Notebook, Nov. 4) inadvertently abetting the erroneous myth that it was Kurt Westergaard’s work in Jyllands Posten that caused riots in the Islamic disapora when in fact it was three additional cartoons provided by a Danish resident Muslim cleric/provocateur who then “shopped” all the cartoons until riots eventually ensued where for months, prior to his inserted, falsely attributed, and inflammatory material, his assiduous efforts throughout the Middle East to stir up a reaction went for naught. In short, Westergaard’s cartoons were recognized for what they were: mildly sardonic commentary on fringe beliefs, and as such, tolerated if not enjoyed by Muslims and infidels alike. The Danish Muslim cleric/provocateur’s work was seen as offensive and inflammatory by both Muslims and infidels alike.

It would not be too great a burden to make this (I think) important distinction and clarify our understanding of the situation.

John Lamb ’55