I read Michael Goldstein ’78’s Inbox note with great interest (April issue). Antisemitism is not new at Princeton. Few will remember but in 1957, in the throes of the bicker system, which may or may not be alive and well today, some Jewish sophomores were not admitted to any eating clubs. I forget how many.

In an effort to correct this, there was a meeting in our living room above Blair Arch with seniors, including myself, and a number of sophomores. 

We advised the eating clubs that either all Jewish sophomores would be admitted or none. If it was none, a few eating clubs would go bankrupt. Needless to say, all were admitted. And the following year, or soon thereafter, Wilson Lodge was opened by the University — a club open to all.

Just a commentary on a long forgotten dark episode in the school’s history.

Merritt H. Cohen ’57
East Hanover, N.J.