Alumni greeted the choice of Provost Christopher Eisgruber ’83 as Princeton’s new president (Campus Notebook, May 15) with positive comments at PAW Online. 

“It is great news to finally have an undergraduate alumnus as president!” wrote ERIC NOEHRENBERG ’88. “I believe that it is really important to have a leader who has been through the University program as an undergraduate. ... He will thus have a clearer view of the needs of the students.” 

ROGER K. FISHER *63 said he applauded Eisgruber’s selection and looks forward to “what should be a very interesting and productive tenure. Princeton has been a training ground for college and university presidents.”

Commenting on excerpts of Eisgruber’s writings and speeches posted at PAW Online, FRANK W. GOBETZ ’58 wrote: “Our new president displays an analytical mind. He understands precedent, but isn’t bound by it.”

JEFFREY A. KEHL ’70 summed up his reaction this way: “We have hit a home run with President Eisgruber!”