I am appalled to read “Amid concerns, concussion awareness grows” (Sports, Nov. 17). Where were the coaches, the medical department, the parents? After at least two concussions his sophomore year, R.C. Lagomarsino ’09 was “sidelined for a week” following a concussion his junior year while evidencing serious off-the-field symptoms. That’s it? And then he was allowed to participate in preseason training his senior year before finally “retiring.” This is not the NFL!

I can speak from experience. During football practice my senior year in 1949, I suffered a concussion and was uncon scious for about a half-hour. I didn’t play again that year and had a headache for several weeks. Then, two years later, I got “dinged” again while playing for a Navy team, and I thought my head would come off. Maybe, just maybe, after decades and decades, we are starting to learn. I very much hope so.

John Lewis ’50