It was a most welcome and pleasant surprise to read in the Oct. 5 Campus Notebook section about the activities of McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence Robert George. Especially in light of the heavy liberal bias that exists on the current Princeton administration and faculty, it is refreshing to learn that “it’s not unusual to find Professor Robert George engaged in a dialogue about constitutional issues,” and that “it’s a major focus of his classes.”

Professor George also should be highly commended for founding the nonprofit group American Principles Project (APP) for the purpose of representing “21st-century conservatism.” In Professor George’s own words, he founded the APP out of the belief “that the way forward for our nation, as we address the daunting and (in some cases) unprecedented challenges of the day, is not to look for new principles, but to rededicate ourselves to the principles of the American founding.’” How can it be said any better than this!

I am happy that Professor George expects the APP to play an active role in the forthcoming presidential campaign through advocating conservative values, producing “independent, issue-oriented ads,” and seeking to curb what the APP believes to be harmful and unnecessary governmental programs and encroachments. 

I urge Dr. George to include Princeton alumni in the communications of the APP, and would welcome the opportunity to support his extremely important work.

Redmond Finney ’51