In Response to: ROTC seeks course credit

I was shocked, then outraged, to learn that Princeton does not give course credit for ROTC, and hasn’t for decades (Notebook, May 13.)

Since I received my education during four years at Exeter, it should come as no surprise that I deem ROTC to have been the single most important course I took at Princeton. Here’s why.

ROTC enabled me to excel at being a forward observer with the 4th Infantry Division in Gelnhausen, Germany. After I received a grade of 98.2 on the battery field test, I was appointed aide-de-camp to the division field artillery commander in Frankfurt. His next-door neighbor was the assistant division commanding general, whose daughter Nancy became my wife less than a year later. We will celebrate our 54th wedding anniversary in August with our three children and three grandchildren.

I had been proud of the fact that Princeton was the only one of the “Big Three” to teach ROTC on campus, assuming that course credit was given. I am absolutely in awe of those who take the course, given all the added pressure of course requirements. Wife Nancy even says, “Why would you take it?”

The PAW article also makes it clear that the University reneged on its promise to give course credit, for which the administration and board should be ashamed. I fully support Lt. Col. Stark’s efforts, and fervently hope he succeeds in putting ROTC back where it belongs.

John G. Middleton ’53