I was — and I suspect others were — extremely disappointed when the Princeton Club of New York closed its doors (“Princeton Club of New York Closes Indefinitely as Bank Declares Default,” published online Oct. 29, 2021). I very much miss having this wonderful facility in mid-Manhattan for my occasional visits to New York City, with its many associations with Princeton. But I am writing to comment on two aspects of the closure of the club: how it was done and Princeton University’s failure to in any way assist the club.

Many members of the club, as have I, had been members for 30, 40, or 50 or more years. Yet when the club closed, no official announcement or letter was communicated to the membership. In fact, emails and letters that I sent to the last club president, to members of the club board, and to the last club manager went unanswered. This was unfortunate, inappropriate, and left many club members wondering what had happened — and what the future of the club facility would be.

Secondly, the University refused all requests to come to some arrangement with the club to keep it functioning [see editor’s note below]. Surely, having a superb facility in the heart of the biggest business, financial, and arts center in the country would have been of some use to the University. It declined to enter into any such arrangement.

On a personal level, I now have one less connection with Princeton, having now no facility in New York with a Princeton affiliation. As an alumnus concerned with Princeton’s well-being, I am disappointed that the University did not take advantage of the opportunity to save, partner with, or take over the wonderful facility that was the Princeton Club of New York.

Editor’s note: PAW reported at the time of the closure that Princeton did not financially support the New York club or any others like it. In February, a University spokesman confirmed this is still the case.

Henry Lerner ’71
Newton, Mass.