Here is my May 20 online comment on the New York Times website. As of May 26, it leads the 1,538 comments, with 2,052 “recommendations”: 

As a Princeton alumnus, I’m especially disheartened by this story. It’s likely that I do not share many of Prof. Katz’s political views, and I strongly endorse Princeton’s wonderfully successful efforts to increase the diversity of its student body, along ethnic and economic lines.

Yet I am deeply disturbed by the erosion of academic freedom. I’m a liberal, so I’m disappointed by the role of the left in this dangerous erosion.

It’s true that romantic relationships between professors and students are inappropriate. However, it is said that such relationships are often tolerated by university administrators, until they can be used as a pretext for firing a professor for something else they have done, such as in the case of Prof. Katz.

Richard M. Waugaman ’70
Potomac, Md.