In Response to: An economic life

It was such a delight to read about Alan Blinder ’67 (feature, March 2). I was fortunate enough to have met Blinder when I was at Princeton. (Blinder was on my dissertation committee, as was Paul Krugman.) In addition to being a giant in the field of economics, Blinder is one of the most gracious and kind persons I know. In fact, I would say that his heart rivals his stature in the spheres of economics and public policy. Blinder was instrumental in helping me finish my thesis. Even with his busy schedule and lofty accomplishments, he took the time to help me graduate, when others had little time for a struggling graduate student.  

If Ben Bernanke were to retire from the Fed, I could think of no person more qualified to assume the post of chairman of the Fed than Alan Blinder.

Kai L. Chan *08
Montreal, Canada