In Response to: Reliving a war

Our Class of 1942 has copied any public figure mentioned in our World War II book and the new audiobook (Alumni Scene, Feb. 24). Thus, a letter and an audiobook were sent to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. I wrote that his proclivity for jumping out of airplanes on his birthday truly encouraged us to proceed with the project in our 90s. Besides, he was “good for the morale of us ­oldsters.”  

The Yale gentleman overlooked the copy of the 1942 beer jacket logo, featuring four bandages on a bulldog’s back, and sent this gracious reply:

... Your stories touched at my heartstrings, and that I gave a “boost” to your “morale” really makes me happy. Congratulations on a job well done in creating this audio.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my Navy days and the extraordinary men with whom I served. The last of my close friends from those days has now gone to heaven, but he and all of those great Americans live in my heart.

Thanks so much for your letter and, more importantly, for your service to our country. Please also convey my thanks and respects to the other Princeton Class of 1942 “oldsters.”  

Sincerely, George Bush

Tex Farrington ’42